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Last weekend – Weinsalon Natürel in Cologne, Germany

This past weekend, the Raisin team was delighted to have been invited to the Weinsalon Natürel to Cologne, Germany for the country’s biggest natural wine fair. What a great experience!

The fair welcomed over 70 natural winemakers from all over Europe, including an especially exciting list of well-known and new German winemakers. Every year, Weinsalon Natürel aims to highlight a country that isn’t well-known for winemaking, and this year it was Bulgaria. Tasting the wines from Zagreus Winery was eye opening.

We received such a warm welcome from winemakers and attendees, who took the time to share stories of their travels and how Raisin had helped them find the best food and drinks that cities have to offer. It was also magnificent to hear about how the German natural wine scene is so quickly expanding as well.

We are humbled and inspired to feel so ingrained in the natural wine community that we love, support, and respect. Whenever an establishment owner tells us that we helped their business survive, or a winemaker explains how many visitors they had from the Raisin app, we are grateful for having the chance to make a small difference to the movement we adore.

Thank you to Weinsalon Natürel, everyone who attended, the incredible winemakers, Surk-ki Schrade, and Germany. 🍷

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