La dive bouteille 2023

La Dive Bouteille 2023

We are extremely happy to announce that Raisin will once again be participating in the historic natural wine fair: La Dive Bouteille.

For its 23rd anniversary, it is taking place (as usual) in Saumur at the Caves Ackerman on February 5th and 6th from 10 am to 6 pm. It is debatably THE most important and historical natural wine fair for professionals in the world!

Everything has already been written and said about La Dive, so we won’t try to add to it. Still, we can say that we are very proud to have participated since Raisin’s beginnings with wine activist Sylvie Augereau and artist Michel Tolmer who are behind the event.

As usual the list of winemakers present is mouthwatering. This vintage is becoming more and more international and the place for winemakers from outside of France is increasing significantly. Austria is coming in force, accompanied by Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Georgia, Switzerland, Portugal, Chile, Mexico, Germany and Spain. It’s like the World Cup, only better!

La Dive also offers other beverages to taste, such as liqueurs, brandies, ciders, Armagnacs, beers, vermouths and sakes. And yes, everything on offer is only of the highest quality. Exceptional products made by passionate people.

Long story short, this is an essential wine fair for every professional; it’s not to be missed. What are you waiting for?

The Raisin team will be there, so don’t hesitate to come and see us so we can talk and exchange ideas together. Mugs, posters, lemonades, bags, badges, we have plenty of goodies for you too!

We also want to mention our friends from the fairs in Angers and surroundings: Les Anonymes, Les Pénitentes, Le Grenier Saint Jean, plus all the non-official tastings around too; they are not to be missed!

Angers / Saumur 2023, let’s go!

Andi Weigand - MTH
Giuseppe Calabrese - Calabria

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