Frank Wines Kyiv!

As the name suggests, Frank Wines – importer and wine shop – is all about honesty, full disclosure, and trust. The owner, Roman, opened Frank Wines’ doors in old town Kyiv in 2017 and has kept it “frank” since day 1.

Frank Wines is a transmitter for farmers to the table, and will never impart something that they don’t believe in. As a retailer and importer, Frank is the steward to help the end consumer understand and appreciate what they are drinking! For that reason, they are dedicated to getting to know the winemakers on the shelves, understanding the principles they adhere to, and why they do what they do. When you see the common ground with the winemakers, how they think about farming, and their place in nature, that’s when you can really fall in love with the wine. 


This type of connection to the wine has been a longtime labor of love, and has certainly evolved into what it is today. In fact, Frank Wines started importing around 7 Italian producers, and today works with around 25-30 international natural winemakers. While the selection is still quite small, Roman knows every detail of the winemakers’ philosophies, terroir, taste of their wines, and even knows their families. It’s a conscious and personal passion that’s worth sharing! 

To name a few producers at Frank Wines: Gut Oggau, Claus Preisinger, Sepp and Maria Muster, Franz Strohmeier, Partida Creus, Ca ‘de Noci, Peter Wetzer, Milan Nestarec, Sebastien Riffault, and many more. If you want to get to know these winemakers on a real level and taste their wines to the fullest, Frank Wines is the place to go, in the heart and soul of Kyiv!

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