Eric Morain quitte son métier d’avocat

Eric Morain Retires From Being a Lawyer

On Saturday, August 27th, Eric Morain announced that he was leaving his job as a lawyer, disillusioned by the disturbing collapse of the judicial system as a whole. Justice loses one of its best lawyers. The natural wine world does as well.

From this point of view, losing Eric Morain is very, very, bad news. We cannot forget that Eric has led and won many battles and court cases with exemplary winemakers: Olivier Cousin, Emmanuel Giboulot, Alexandre Bain, Sébastien David, etc. Eric has always been there to support the natural wine movement and its activists (Raisin included) in the face of injustice. We would like to honour his excellence, his eloquence, his sense of justice and his integrity, which have made such a difference to so many. Not to mention his sense of humour, his compassion and his penmanship, which we hope to continue to follow on Twitter and elsewhere!

Because Eric remains one of the most fervent and brilliant representatives of natural wine, and gastronomy that goes with it. We wish him all the best for the future and we sincerely hope he will be happy in his next endeavours!

More information on Eric Morain’s Twitter account.


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