Craving some Thai food while in Geneva?

Craving some Thai food while in Geneva? Soï Canteen (6 Rue du Prieuré) and little brother restaurant Suahoy (25 Rue Prévost-Martin) are now on the Raisin map. The owners make a great duo: Yuttakan is a Thai chef in love with French cuisine, and Sandrine is an Asian food and culture aficionado. They originally met in Plaza Athénée in Bangkok, and decided to spread the love for Thai street food in Geneva!

In 2017 they opened, Soï, meaning “street,” and reflects Thai street culture beautifully with its neon lights and authentic dishes: Kho Moo Yang, Kai Yang, and homemade herbal sausage Sai Ua to name a few. At first, they were selling beers to go with the food, but after a couple of encounters with natural wine, they found it to be the obvious choice to pair with the vibrant Thai flavors. From there, they spent a whole summer visiting winemakers and trying as much natural wine as they could to come up with a selection that would resemble the place and the cuisine.

This past September, they opened up their second restaurant, Suahoy, which means “hungry tiger” – a great way to describe how this enticing food makes us feel. Sandrine says, “Our intent was to create a journey across the different regions of Thailand and serve the food our grandmas would cook for us when we’re back home.” The atmosphere is inspired by a Thai temple celebration, with lots of color and touches of gold, and with an inviting atmosphere.

At both of these places, the concepts behind the wine and food are based on people, places, stories, and savoir-faire that is hard to beat. 🐯🍤

Pulp Wine of Valby!

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