Aquila Cellars!

2000 meters up in the Colorado mountains, Brandt Thibodeaux & Courtney Geyer are making the delicious natural wine of Aquila Cellars. This winery in the town of Paonia, happens to be the very first in Colorado on the Raisin map!

The grapes come from three different parcels of cool climate terroir in Norfolk valley, that are the highest elevation Pinot Gris and Gewurtztraminer vineyards in the known universe. At Aquila, they are practicing biodynamic, dedicated to an overall ecological approach to farming, and capturing the dynamism that the climate brings to the wine.

In their words, “Our goal is to make living, unfiltered wines that favor energy over power, freshness over richness. Our wines are unique Coloradan, grown at the highest elevations of North America and produced with the highest vibrations.”

When you get a taste of this terroir, you’ll get a feel for this purity and balanced, vivid acidity for yourself, and are sure to love that Aquila energy. Production is very small, but these bottles are a must try! 

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