170 natural wine establishments in new york raisin

170 Recommended Natural Wine Establishments in New York

We are delighted to see that there are now over 170 natural wine shops, bars, and restaurants listed on Raisin in New York!

Raisin has a special place in its heart for The Big Apple: In May 2016, our app only listed 60 places that offered natural wine. Since then, we have spent significant time collecting, verifying, and publishing venues that offer at least 30% natural wine in their selection. We’ve also been so excited to see how many new places have been opening.

As a result, New York has become one of the most vibrant cities on Raisin, second only to Paris, where we have over 500 establishments listed. With the natural wine community growing so rapidly, this is just the beginning!

We’d like to give a special mention to some of the pioneers of the natural wine scene in NYC. Chambers Street Wine, 360 Restaurant, Restaurant Ici and Ten Bells. Many others have helped this movement grow but these were some of the first and most important ones.

We look forward to continuing this journey together and supporting the natural wine movement from winemakers to small businesses in New York, the U.S., and worldwide.

We would also like to extend a special thanks to Andrew Krell and Arnaud Delamarre for their countless contributions to our growth in the U.S.

Cheers! 🍷


Le Jus d'Octobre in Saint-Malo
Last weekend - Weinsalon Natürel in Cologne, Germany

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