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The mas of the measures is for several reasons, first of all because I find that people do less and less in the measure and it is a little painful sometimes this society of all extremes. And it is perfectly applicable to the world of wine, it is the wars-war between organic, conventional, natures, etc. But they even manage to pull themselves in the paws between natural winemakers, everyone having a little his own definition of wine called "nature". It's also the fact that I make natural wine by being an oenologist at the base, to be brief, it's a little bit contradictory things to say some or if we look at it a little far. Whereas when we take a closer look, I think that in order to make wine without chemistry, we must instead know all the mechanisms at work upstream, from a physical, chemical and microbiological point of view. So I think that vis-à-vis all that we must be measured, know how to measure and interfering. We must therefore be rigorous enough and not make the mistake of refusing technicality, while being aware of the limits of science and remaining open to the sensitive and what we do not yet necessarily explain (ex: biodynamics), without falling into esotericism. I chose this name because I was also looking for something that revolved around the notion of balance, which is very dear to me as much in terms of wine as cooking. In red wine for example the balance of a wine can be described according to 3 axes which are: alcohol / acidity / tannins and for a white wine: alcohol / acidity / sweetness. This is the concept of roundness, we can draw a triangle with these 3 components and basically there should be a circle that fits within this triangle (see the label Barycentre) So the balance is good but both as in chemistry, in equilibrium nothing happens, the equation is frozen, that's why I like it when it's balanced but it There is a little twist, something that goes beyond, fleeting enough but enough to provide an emotion. It is the mas of the measures and the mas disproportionately sum. The measure is also the basis of the music, like the rhythmic percussion, which echoes the rhythm of our work, through the seasons, everything is repeated but the ability to know how to improvise, temporarily out of the rhythm that the 'we never get bored. I am in organic conversion since 2018 on 2.5 ha of vines in the Haute Vallée de l'Orb and this year I make my first biodynamic preparations and I look forward to 4 Ouessant sheep who will make their arrival shortly. I also own a truffle oak farm so the idea would be to rotate with the sheep (summer in the oaks and winter in the vineyards). I also plan to become a peasant brewer by growing my barley. You can get an idea about my work on my Vincent AUGE Facebook profile or the Mas des Mesures page. I only have the rosé that is bottled, the rest is still in vats but you will find attached an analysis of everything I have in the cellar, which was vinified without input and without SO2.



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Wines at Mas Des Mesures

White Wines

Barycentre - Mas Des Mesures - vincent-auge
IGP Haute Vallée De L'Orb
Les Claparèdes - Mas Des Mesures - vincent-auge
Les Claparèdes
Grenache, Syrah
IGP Haute Vallée De L'Orb
Septentrion - Mas Des Mesures - vincent-auge
Syrah, Grenache
IGP Haute Vallée De L'Orb

Rosé Wines

Gemme - Mas Des Mesures - vincent-auge
Syrah, Grenache
Vin De France

Sparkling wines

Fractale - Mas Des Mesures - vincent-auge -2018
Fractale -2018
Grenache Et syrah
Languedoc Roussillon


Orange Wines

No orange wines at the moment.