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Our family vineyard covers 16 ha distributed among 10 very famous wine-growing communities. Very involved in the preservation of the environment and followers of natural products without chemicals, we are among the forerunners of the production of organic wines in the surroundings and Ecocert certified since 2000. The maintenance of the soil is exclusively mechanical and is done by plowing and hoeing, by means of tooth plows and interceps blades to control the plants naturally present (very varied herbs and flowers), to aerate and support the soil and all organisms and microorganisms. The protection of the vine is done exclusively by the use at very low dose of Bordeaux mixture (copper salt used for more than 100 years) and sulfur, as well as herbal tea of horsetail and nettle. Any synthetic product is excluded. The harvest is 100% manual and spread over 5 to 6 weeks to pick the grapes as close as possible to their optimal maturity. A very gentle pressing will extract a clear juice containing all the rich natural aromatic components. A slow, natural spontaneous fermentation (development of yeasts specific to each terroir) without any wine-making aid. Aging of wines on fine lees in traditional oak casks to allow the wine to “breathe” through the fibers of the wood. Bottled in June and especially September.



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