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Established in Savoie in the 1970s, Michel Grisard rose to the rank of a monument in his region thanks to ambitious choices that were ahead of his time. So in 1994, he decided to convert his estate to biodynamics, a practice then little known. The only problem with his wines is that there are very few. With only 6ha of vines divided between Mondeuse (red grape variety) and Altesse (white grape variety), production fluctuates around 20,000 bottles each year. The cultivation of the vines has obviously always been very clean and respectful of the environment with low and controlled yields. In the cellar, the winemaker likes to vinify whole grapes in order to preserve all the crunchiness and bite of the Mondeuse. In 2015, Michel Grisard bowed out. Since then, the Giachino brothers from the eponymous estate have taken over the vines with the fervent intention of perpetuating the tradition and know-how of this great gentleman for as long as possible.



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