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Sacava Sulle Bucce -

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Vermentino - Sardegna

Sacava Sulle Bucce
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The best Vermentino ! 50 days skin contact. Nuragic Amber Revolution 😋😋😋

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Sacava Sulle Bucce 2017

Colore d’oro antico e rame. Naso pieno di succo di frutta all’albicocca e poi di timo selvatico. Tessuto ruvido e vero di canapa grezza. Lungo. Infinito.

kanuilrosso @kanuilrosso

Sa Cava Sulle Bucce 2017

Vermentino macerato 20 giorni sulle bucce

Fedecau @Fedecau

Sacava Sulle Bucce 18

I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES ..... The miracle of Sardinian viticulture consists in the fact that Sardinian vineyards despite spontaneously producing grapes rich in sugars, in most cases the wines that derive from them do not present any heaviness on the palate, they are obviously warm and alcoholic but also balanced and juicy by letting themselves be drunk with great ease .. SACAVA on the skins 2018 @cantina_sa_defenza .. Vermentino, 20 days of #skincontact, 1 year in steel, then bottle. Sardinia, Cagliari, Donori, Anna, Pedro and Paolo, THE DEFENSE ..... belonging to such an impervious territory is like a pact ... attachment to the roots is a seal ... respect for Terroir is a custom .... This is what LA DEFESA viticulture means, respect and transparency, this is how the vine-bottle path is devoted to legitimacy, cleanliness, purity. A rich and thick Vermentino, still in swaths but already immense .... dehydrated apricots, prickly pears, candied cedar, chamomile, broom dance and blend with balsamic notes, spiced with cinnamon, scrub and sea, brackish and resinous, giving me a very elegant, mineral, soft and enveloping, magical and tribal drink, with an endless finish .. CHAPEAU "The quarry on the skins" from granite soils in sandy decay and the austere passion of the Brands makes us believe in Sardinian miracles, as I believe in Veronese passion miracles in progress .... (even without Makumbe and voodoo rituals) and as RAMONES in "I believe in miracles" also make them believe

sandropoletti @sandropoletti


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