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After taking over the family vineyard twenty years ago and patiently learned to express the richness of my land and its potential, I have now decided to apprehend alone the winemaking. For me, being a winegrower means working in harmony with my natural environment and respect the cycles of life and the rhythm of the seasons which follow one another. It is modestly producing wines that are sincere expression of the diversity of the terroir in which I live and works daily. Being a winegrower means digging in and being ready to question yourself with humility in each vintage. It is to seek to provide pleasure and conviviality. The family vines more than fifty years old are established on the terroirs of Calce and Baixas in schist soils, limestone marls and rolled pebbles. They are naturally grassed and associated with seedlings of cereals, legumes and crucifers to promote a living soil. This biodiversity thus promotes the virtuous cycle of creating a nourishing humus. The vineyard is managed in organic farming. The vines are cared for if necessary thanks to applications based on decoctions and herbal teas of wild plants (nettle, horsetail, comfrey, yarrow - millefeuille ...) The grapes are harvested manually in boxes and vinified in whole bunches. For the white, vinification of the Macabeu grape by direct pressing, fermentation in yeasts indigenous without oenological input or sulphites. Aging for 6 months in vats and stirring on fine lees. Lightly filtered wine, not fined, not acidified. Small dose of sulphite to protect it when it is put in bottle made in respect of the lunar cycles. For the Reds, maceration of the whole bunches without punching down or pumping over, slow infusion of grapes. Fermentation in indigenous yeasts. Aging for 6 months in vats on fine lees. Unfiltered wine, no glued, tiny dose of sulphite to protect it during bottling, carried out with respect lunar cycles.



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