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My name is Pablo Adrian Quiroga, I am Argentinean living in the Girona region with my project of agriculture and production of natural wines called "ONLY LOVE WILL SAVE THE WORLD" My vineyards are located in Alt Emporda, Girona, Catalonia, they are within the Cap de Creus Natural Park, where the influence of the sea and the mountains create a very special ecosystem. Currently I have 5.5 hectares. I work everything manually without the use of chemical products or treatments, nor do I use sulfur or copper. Rather, I rely on a BIO DYNAMIC agriculture based on the climatic current of each year. I am in favor of the use of homeopathic herbs and preparations if necessary. I have a great ally in my lands that is the wind, which keeps my entire ecosystem always healthy and in a constant state of purity. At the moment I do not use animals or motorized machinery for my crops. I prefer the interaction with the vegetation cover and the ecosystem that this generates naturally and ancestrally. My work is based on first harvesting the best bunches that the land gives me each year. To later start with spontaneous fermentations in my small winery located in Girona. When working with all my wines with their skins, the selection of the grapes is really very important. He practically did not perform any intervention during and post fermentation of the juices. I like to let each wine follow its path through time. He also did not pump over, all my wines are unfiltered and are bottled with all their natural beneficial properties. In general, I use bottles with a crown cap for all my creations. I also recycle the glass and cardboard from my bar to reuse it later. All my wine labels are created by me, printed at home, cut and glued by hand.



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