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Domaine Afianés

Our main goal is the continuation of the traditional and special Ikarian winemaking method, which has its roots in antiquity. This took place in the open air, in buried amphoras. The exclusive promotion of the autochthonous varieties, Fokiano and Begleri, which give a Protected Geographical Indication of Icaria, is also one of our main objectives. Innovation is another goal, we have been largely successful in controlling wild yeast. Thanks to this we create special, unique wines that can satisfy and impress wine lovers all over the world with their unique tastes. In addition, we innovate by creating natural sparkling wines, giving a new aspect to the two indigenous grape varieties. The last two years we have focused on evolving traditional methods of winemaking, with almost no use of machinery. Obtaining thus, wines called Natural Wines. At the same time, we follow the principles of Bioculture, both for the vineyard and for our estate through the DIO (Certification Agency). In addition, we have started to introduce the principles of biodynamics into the culture. The traditional wine press occupies a dominant position in our field, and its role is not only decorative, but also productive. We believe in respecting the environment and that nature rewards us for our caution and patience. It is, after all, the philosophy that has defined life in Icaria since the beginning of its history. ❝Raw, natural and unfiltered wines from biodynamic and organic cultivation❞



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