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Today, the Grangeons de l'Albarine estate has nearly 2.5 ha of vines spread over several sites. 1.2 ha are cultivated on the Coteau d'Argis, divided into two plots, the Chateau, and Paradis, and three grape varieties: Altesse (also known as Roussette) and Chardonnay in white, and Mondeuse in Red. In addition, a 0.5 ha plot (Combernand, "La Cluse des Peintres") was taken over in 2014 in Rossillon, with three grape varieties: Gamay, Chardonnay and Aligoté, vines aged 50 years. A plot was taken over in 2015 in St Sorlin en Bugey: "Clos de Beauregard", on a hillside overlooking the Rhône, with old vines (60 years old) from Gamay and Altesse. Finally, a plot of Mondeuse and Chasselas was also taken over in 2015, with vines of around twenty years old. Les Grangeons de l'Albarine Wine estate is composed nowadays of an approx. 5 acres vineyards, located on different sites of Bugey area. The main location is Argis south facing slopes, divided in two different terroirs: Le Chateau, and Paradis, cultivated with three grapes varities: Altesse (also known as Roussette) and Chardonnay for whites, and Mondeuse for reds. Another vineyard is located in Rossillon on gravely flat soils, with 50 years old gamay, chardonnay and aligoté. A third site is St Sorlin en Bugey, on slopes facing the Rhône valley, with old vines (60 years old) of gamay and altesse. Finally, a last plot is in Ceyzerieu, with 20 years old Maondeuse and Chasselas. It is also an old Bugiste barn rehabilitated as a cellar / cellar in the hamlet of La Pavaz, in the town of Argis, on the opposite slope of the mountain, as if to better monitor the vines of its promontory ... Estate is established in an old barn, transformed into an handy and wide wine cellar, at La Pavaz hamlet, on Argis municipality. It's located on the opposite side of the valley compared to the vineyards, allowing to have a carefull lookafter from this position. The plots and buildings were rehabilitated by Mr. Laurent Defaut, a designer by training who became a pioneer and then a neo-winegrower, and today it is Luc Bauer, also a neo-winegrower, who takes up the torch of this beautiful project. Vineyards and facilities have been restored by Mr Laurent Defaut, previously working as a designer and become a self made winemaker The estate is now run by another new established winemaker called Luc Bauer, looking for maintaining and developping this winemaking activity. Luc Bauer: Bauer = Peasant in the language of Goethe A name that predestined me for the noble profession of Agriculture (some would say: to scratch the globe and become Péquenau!) My journey in a few lines: - Training: Engineer in Agriculture from ISARA Lyon, 2005 Viticulture technician - Oenology, Mâcon - Davayé, 2009 - Experiences in viti-viniculture: Domaine de la Soufrandière, Bret Brothers, Vinzelles (71), Domaine Philippe Jambon, Chasselas (71) Chateau d'Emeringes, Emeringes (69) Le Clos Jordanne, Niagara peninsula, Ontario, Canada ARDAB, Association of organic producers of Rhône and Loire, Villefranche / Sâone (69) My guidelines in my activity as a winegrower: - respect the environment, water quality, air quality, - respect the health of the men who make the wine and that of those who drink it - produce authentic wines, specific to their land of origin and simply pleasant to consume! - associate viticulture with a project to rehabilitate a real cultural heritage: the Coteau d'Argis (100 ha of vines in 1900!), revitalize a region which is becoming desertified through an innovative and original activity.



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