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Paraiso Natural is a micro-project between New York based Brits, Liz Mckiver and Richard Barnett, and their Portuguese friends, winemakers Miguel and Leli Viseu. High in the mountains of Ponte de Lima and nestled in the tiny village of Paraiso, a single vineyard of Loureiro grows at 300 meters elevation. Very few vines are planted at such high elevation, even less surrounded by a completely natural environment. Only 20km off the coast, the vines are constantly touched by the ocean's breeze and are grown organically. The property totals roughly 4.5 hectares, with just one hectare currently planted. The vines were planted in 2013. The goal from the beginning has been "to love and preserve the land, the soil, the vines, to allow the grapes to express themselves naturally; and to grow and bottle a beautiful wine, with no intervention in the vineyard, no additives in the bottle."



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