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Vins de Paret Seca is my personal project of minimal intervention/natural wines with local varieties or varieties well adapted to the area. It is the fruit of an internal reflection during the period of confinement due to the arrival of the Covid pandemic (March 2020). I have spent more than twenty harvests playing almost all the keys of the winemaking process, but since I do not have a family tradition of vineyards or my own vineyard, I have looked for colleagues who work in organic viticulture in the Penedès for the whites and in Terra Alta and Mallorca for the red wines and I produce in friendly wineries (fellow students who leave me a space in their cellar for my "toys"). In the winery I follow the biodynamic calendar for the different processes. Spontaneous fermentation, no addition of sulphites by default. Total respect for the times that the wine sets, lees work. Natural stabilizations and bottled without filtering. In Penedés we work 1.2 Ha, in Batea 0.5 Ha and in Mallorca 0.3 Ha. Harvested by hand. Green mantles most of the year. Pounds of respect In most of the wineries where I have worked, we were certified as ecological/organic and in a couple of them also certified by Demeter and it is precisely due to my own experience that, at the moment, I prefer not to be part of these spaces/seals. In the end, you see that the honesty of the producers is much more important than the labels, which are too often perverted by bad practices or the like. In other words, the certification that should be a guarantee of good management and social awareness/responsibility, does not end up being so.



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