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Azienda Agricola Casale

Giuseppe Giglioli, Maria Pierina Rinaldi

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Azienda Agricola Casale - Giuseppe Giglioli, Maria Pierina Rinaldi

Canaiolo , Colorino , Sangiovese - Toscana - CHIANTI RISERVA DOCG



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Il miglior sangiovese mai bevuto..naturali dall' 1983

instaminckia @instaminckia


THURSDAY OF MINE ..... Thursday is the most beautiful day .... the second part of the week begins .... you play soccer ... you have dinner ... you fill up with sounds, colors, smells, movements, figures and minute nocturnal creatures and graceful, fragrant and benevolent, harmonious and passionate ...... and then on Thursday the great Tuscan wines are drunk, those of Antonio Giglioli of @casalebio in Certaldo Florence. CHIANTI RESERVE 2006 Sangiovese Canaiolo and Colorino, 30 days of #skincontact, 8 years in cement tanks, 2 years in large 50-year-old chestnut barrels from 20 to 40 hl. Deep garnet red color with reflections of various gradations, the nose opens with herbaceous moss, aromatic forest berries which then become flower ... delicately scented violet, but also licorice and eucalyptus to then become sour cherry and ripe plum until notes emerge graphite minerals, tobacco and spices. On the palate it is simultaneously evolved, complex and greedy, alive as a vintage wine but refined and refined from a great reserve. An acidity well balanced by alcohol and glycerine, a full and thick body, an evident but not angular embroidered tannin, a continuous and infinite length. An instinctive wine enriched with intensity, charm and elegance .... a traditional interpretation, but lively and vital to seem brand new ..... what Antonio intends to represent .... dazzling Thursday is my perfect day ... and perfect is also the "Thursday" of MORPHINE ....

sandropoletti @sandropoletti