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Gemma Miró is the project of a young vigneron from Falset, in the Priorat region. A biologist with a master’s degree in viticulture and oenology, in 2020 she started working on her grandfather’s vineyards with the aim of recovering the family vineyard and working it in a humble and respectful way. A family bond between grandfather and granddaughter in order to give value to the land, the peasantry and the 40-year-old vineyards that grow on slate, clay and granite soils on Les Pinyanes plot. A small project, 0.6 ha of vineyards cultivated and worked by hand where the typical varieties of the area coexist: red Carignan, red Grenache and Muscat. Wines to give life, again, to home vineyards. The vineyard is worked organically, worked in a respectful way, carrying out all the operations manually. Nevertheless, the soil is tilled with the help of a tractor. At the Les Pinyanes plot, the harvest takes place during the months of August and October. Depending on the climate of the year, the harvest can be brought forward and take place between the months of August and September. Muscat and red Grenache are harvested during August and September, but red Carignan, in September or October. She vinifies the entire plot of Les Pinyanas, producing a total of 3 wines and only makes the wines with grapes from his own vineyard. She started making her first wine (La Partió) in 2021 and the following year, she vinifies the whole plot, producing the first vintage of La Lambretta and Les Agulles 2022. When the grapes arrive at the cellar, they are processed with minimal intervention. We work with whole grapes (red Carignan) and whole grain (red Grenache and Muscat) and the fermentations take place spontaneously. The skin macerations are short and the wines are pressed. The wines are not filtered or clarified. We use the cold of winter for its own stabilization.



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Wines at Gemma Miró Escoda

La Partió - Gemma Miró Escoda - gemma-miro
La Partió
Les Agulles - Gemma Miró Escoda - gemma-miro
Les Agulles
Garnatxa Negra

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