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Giulio & Gaia Vinyataires is a young and new project. It all started during the 2020 pandemic, when we felt the need to change our lives and dedicate ourselves to a project that we really liked, that allowed us to realize our dream of working outdoors, producing good natural wine , to respect the environment and to establish a fair relationship with suppliers and employees. All this can be summed up in a phrase by Carlo Petrini: "good, fair and clean". We are in Alt Penedés, based in Sant Joan Samora just opposite the mountain of Montserratn but with vineyards in other villages too. We are Italians but nonetheless, we feel perfectly integrated and accepted in the environment of Catalan natural wines. We produced our first vintage in 2021 by recovering a 100-year-old vine of Xarel.lo, an indigenous Catalan white grape variety. We made two cuvées: Zibaldüs and La Petita Lia. Our philosophy is of minimal intervention in the vineyards. This means that we cover crop, we do not use any chemicals, we just do sulfur and copper treatments if necessary. We work following the biodynamic calendar, we apply the 501 treatment, we have sheep to control the development of vegetation in the vineyards and bees to improve biodiversity. All the work in the vineyard is done manually, including the harvest. In the cellar we have the same philosophy: we work manually, all the fermentations are spontaneous with the yeasts naturally present on the skin of the grapes. We don't filter, we don't clarify, we don't add or remove anything from the wines and we don't add sulphites. We have 5 hectares of vineyards. The idea is to recover old abandoned vines of native Catalan grape varieties and restore them to life and dignity. Today we mainly have Xarel.lo, which for us is a white grape variety with enormous and very eclectic potential, Macabeo, Moscatel d'Alexandria, Merlot, Ull De Llebre and Sumoll, which is the red of the most noble and sought after Penedes. In 2022 we will produce 10 different cuvées: 2 pet-nats (1 white and 1 red), 2 whites, 1 orange, 1 rosé, 3 reds and 1 vermouth. The objective is to produce lively, natural, honest, traditional and innovative wines at the same time. But in particular we love wine, producing wine, drinking it and sharing it with our friends and meeting new friends while drinking good natural wine. So our hope is to give moments of joy and love to our consumers like those his production gives us.



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