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I am Ferran Lacruz a young farmer and winemaker who works around 8 hectares of our local grapes in Sant Martí Sarroca, a little village located at the heart of the Penedès Wine region. With a friend of mine, I have started a project called “Bodega Clandestina”. A natural wine cellar that wants to be out of any appellation of origin or regulation, to not having any barrier to imagine and create. This small winery wants to make small and accurate vinifications with grapes coming from a clean and respectful agriculture. With the commitment of producing clean natural wines, we show obsession to keep the wine structure and to avoid over-oxidations. We harvest manually with boxes of 18 Kg and we work with wild yeast. We like to see our wines evolving and we love to use many materials to age them, Amphores, carboy/demijohn, barrels. We are curious that is why we are not putting limits to keep on trying new things. We are not adding any additive to our wines neither any sulphites. As we like to see a natural evolution on them, but we want them to evolve properly, we are not finning nor filtering, to keep the wine structure and protection. The last 2018 has been so intense for us; it has been Bodega Clandestina first harvest. A vintage full of feelings, learnings, emotions and many stories that we want to share through the wines. We are young, wild and free!



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Orange Censurat
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