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Oslavje "fuori dal tempo..." -

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Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc - Friuli-Venezia Giulia - Venezia Giulia IGT

Oslavje "fuori dal tempo..."


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Oslavje "fuori dal tempo..." latest posts, by users:

Oslavje "fuori dal tempo..." 2010

Un litro di puro piacereeeeee

francy84 @francy84

Oslavje "fuori dal tempo..." 2001


nebbiolone @nebbiolone

Oslavje "fuori dal tempo..." 1999

Extraordinary structure on the wine. 20 years passed and it is lovely.

lippaimihaly @lippaimihaly

Oslavje "fuori dal tempo..." 2001

Wow this is a spectacular wine. Very rich, onctuous aromas of butterscotch, dark caramel, butter and orange peel. Very well developed, unbelievable complexity. Deep orange colour, silky tannins. Having trouble finding the right words. Overwhelmingly good wine.

niels @niels

Oslavje "fuori dal tempo..." 2006

Fantastico!!!!!! Complimenti davvero!!!!

BarincoCartine @BarincoCartine

Oslavje "fuori dal tempo..." 2006

Matera, grotta e sei subito "fuori dal tempo" ...

LucaCheninGuevara @LucaCheninGuevara

Oslavje "fuori dal tempo..." 2005

Oslavje 2005 (Radikon) 40% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Grigio, 30% Sauvignon Richness and complex depth. True legacy. Uncompromised passion. Detailed craftsmanship. This 2005 is perfectly on age now. I was looking forward to this moment, to have an old and "original" Radikon and undergo the full experience after having quite younger less mature Radikon wines before. This has really impressive, deep ripened tones of: Caramel, "creamy honey", orange, apple, dried stone fruit, some oaky tones with vanilla and remotely a bit nutty. It is quite smooth with gentle tannins. Having elegance while also being pretty complex. The good acidity keeps it properly standing with all the compact and persistent tones that are present. It is a nice coincidence that there is a photo of Radikon in the Amber Revolution book next to one of his oak barrels with this 2005 Oslavje. I find these wines just as fascinating as the story behind them. Tech facts: "Vinification: the de-stemmed grapes are placed in oak vats where the fermentation takes place with skin contact, without temperature control and without adding external yeasts. To keep the skins always immersed during all the maceration they are punched down manually 3 to 4 times per day. At the end of the alcoholic fermentation the vats are filled and closed, the wine remains in contact with the skins for three to four months. After that the wine ages in 25 - 35 hl oak barrels, for about 40 months. Bottling: August 2009, in bottles of 1.00 l and 0.50 l, without addition of preservatives." More wines on my Instagram: @marcel.de.cocq

marceldc @marceldc


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