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Domaine des Bardes

This estate is therefore a tribute to our Gallic ancestors given that it is located on an ancient Gallic place, hence the name of the district "les bardons" which would mean "the bards". Following excavations, an ancient Roman tile factory was found. So I decided to name it “The domain of the bards”. 3 km from “Les Bardons”, we can see the hill called “Le Montbard”, in other words “the mountain of the bards” which is a former Gallic place of worship. I could not have created this domain without thinking of the nature that I am so passionate about and which must be protected. This protection also involves our health, which must be preserved, for me these are two essential things. I decided to convert the family farm to organic farming. Several trials are carried out: green manure + grass cover + mulch + piloselle + underground clover, etc... I started doing biodynamics for the vine part of the farm in November 2020. I am not looking to label the biodynamic part given that the criteria of these two labels (biodyvin and demeter) are not in line with my principles or are for me nonsense.. Hedgerows will be planted around the vines and my ultimate goal would be to achieve agroforestry, which consists of putting trees in the vines, this will create biodiversity, both for plants and wildlife. The replacements will be made with grafts in mass selections (these are selections made by nature unlike clones), further accentuating the biodiversity a little. Similarly, for dead vines but whose rootstock is still alive, I myself graft new scions into the old rootstock, so I keep the whole root system deeply anchored over the years. The new plantations are on two plots, each containing four different grape varieties: three whites (Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne) and two reds (Dureza and Chatus). I also seek to make my wines as naturally as possible, with the minimum of interventions and using only the minimum of sulphur. The objective being zero sulfur if the sanitary state of the harvest allows it. For vinification, the red wines are vinified in concrete vats then after a short passage in stainless steel vats they end up in oak barrels from 228 to 500l. The Viognier is vinified in stainless steel vats then in 500l oak barrels. The rosé is vinified entirely in stainless steel vats. Two other cuvées will arrive at the end of 2023. These are my two top-of-the-range cuvées, “Le Saint-Jospeh” an AOP and “Menima” in IGP. The latter comes from grapes from a vine from the 70s in mass selection. Both cuvées are vinified in oak barrels for 2 to 3 years and are without added sulphite. Visit and tasting possible by appointment. Do not hesitate to call 0628284793, or a simple text message or even by email at [email protected].



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La Cervoise Vinifera - Domaine des Bardes - emmanuel-tracol
La Cervoise Vinifera
IGP Collines Rhodaniennes
La Petite Gauloise - Domaine des Bardes - emmanuel-tracol
La Petite Gauloise
IGP Collines Rhodaniennes
La Mal Taillée - Domaine des Bardes - emmanuel-tracol
La Mal Taillée
Vin de France

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