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El Bandito -

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El Bandito
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Very good, honest pure wine. Lots of preserved lemon and apple, nice acidity, phenolic grip and body. Definitely worth trying.

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El Bandito latest posts, by users:

El Bandito 2014

Vin Sud' Af. Un chenin de maceration. Vif et frais en bouche. De jolies notes de fruits. Un vin de repas. Une agréable découverte !

ludo @ludo

El Bandito 2015

Chenin blanc, licht oxidatief, erg intens.

michelevermeulen @michelevermeulen

El Bandito

Vivacious! Apple, citrus and wonderful minerality

indreklyvyte @indreklyvyte

El Bandito 2015

Nice and drinkable orange style No high level of tannins or acidity

punkit @punkit

El Bandito 13

Great and fresh orange wine Yellow fruits , apple jam , white flowers Fresh and saulty feeling on palate , acidity is aggreable , no too much tannins .

punkit @punkit

El Bandito 2013

Chenin blanc with skin contact - delicate fruit in the nose: cumquat and green apples with a lot of succades, herbs flavors and a hint of camomile and spices. Little bit salty in the taste, mild acidity, not tannic.

angelina @angelina

El Bandito


evtighe @evtighe

El Bandito

The acidity and length Craig is famous for!

tamboerswinkel @tamboerswinkel

El Bandito 16

One of the best wines I’ve ever tasted.

nowornever @nowornever

El Bandito

Un vino extraordinario de Sudafrica

alexxxcanu @alexxxcanu


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