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Arrived in 1972, the Louis and Renée Bertrand family took over the estate and gave it new life. Their daughter Christine, and Claude, joined them in 1978. Since 2009, the area has been moving towards natural cultural practices and is currently in organic farming certified Ecocert. Before returning to the estate in 2012, Romain worked in several French wine regions as well as abroad following a technical and commercial BTS in wines and spirits. The production of organic wine implies respect for practices that respect the environment. From December to March the manual pruning of the vine takes place. No herbicides are used. Throughout the year, the vines are plowed to fight against the grass. This precise work allows the roots to dive deep down to the granite ridge, giving the wines the true taste of our terroir. Come harvest time, the grapes are harvested exclusively by hand and sorted in small bins or dumpsters depending on the cuvées. The yields are low, between 25Hl / Ha and 35Hl / Ha depending on the vintage. In the tanks… The berries in whole clusters release their juice and macerate in an environment rich in carbon dioxide for 6 to 7 days. The natural winemaking process continues without inputs, with the yeasts coming from the grape, it is carefully followed by the winemaker. At the end of the vatting phase, the wine is drawn from its vat and the grapes are pressed gently. They give birth to “paradise”, the first sweet and sweet press wine. To acquire a clear appearance, the wines are “racked” and “aged” for several months in the cellar, in barrels or in vats before revealing their secrets. During aging, the wine is enriched with complex aromas. The wine is then bottled without filtration, little or no sulfites added depending on the vintage Carried out by us, this work has only one goal: to develop wines that express all their differences in terroir, exposure, climate, natural and authentic wines capable of good aging.



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