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Domaine des Champs-Lingots

The Domaine des Champs-Lingot is made up of 5 ha of vines on the southern shore of Lake Geneva, east of Geneva. Mostly on the 1er Cru Coteau de Chevrens appellation, 14 grape varieties, grown organically since 2013, therefore, without chemical pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. No label before 2022 but signed wines. Owned by the Chollet family since the 1920s, the Domaine des Champs-Lingot produces wines, brandies, but also solar electricity and rents a location for your events. Since the 1980s, it has been one of the first grassy vineyards in the region. In the cellar, Claude-Alain Chollet has been making wine since 1990 without adding sulfur to the must. He uses no glues or other tricks, no concentrator, only sunlight. Since 2019, only indigenous yeasts are used and you will find a wide range of natural wines under the name "Sauvage".



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