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[Field] Nobori, Yoichi-cho, Hokkaido. We inherited a 5.6-hectare field from a farmer who was cultivating wine grapes in a conventional manner, and on the eastern slope at an altitude of about 60m to 80m, the soil was mixed with weathered gravel, sand, clay, etc. with andesite as the mother rock. It is a well-drained place. Because of the gentle slope facing east, it is sunny and windy, so it protects the grapes from diseases. [Cultivation] I always think about how to harvest condensed grapes as I work hard at farming. Grass cultivation, basically no tillage. Pesticides are mainly Bordeaux liquid, and chemical pesticides are sprinkled several times a year on varieties that are particularly vulnerable to gray mold. In the future, we will eliminate all varieties that have to rely on chemical pesticides, and ideally grow grapes organically when the field environment is in place (soil, pests, beneficial insects, tree vigor, etc.). increase. Currently, there are plots that do not use chemical pesticides, and Domaine Atsushi Suzuki wine is brewed from grapes harvested from those plots. [Variety] Zweigelt, Kerner, Müller-Thurgau, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer in descending order. There are mainly German varieties, but since 2017 we have reduced the number of German varieties and gradually replaced them with Chardonnay. [Brewing] Red wine has a pure and gentle taste. I like white wine that feels mineral, so I'm aiming for that kind of brewing. I like natural wines such as Jura and Loire, and delicate and elegant Burgundy wines. Fermented with wild yeast, sulfites are only added in small amounts at the time of bottling to reduce damage due to distribution. Since we want to express the power of grapes honestly, we do not consider supplementation or acidity. [Winery] We are renovating a stone storehouse built in the early Showa period to store apples. Even if there is no air conditioning throughout the year, there is no sudden temperature change and it helps yeast fermentation. The facility is not spacious enough to accommodate a large press machine, so there is only a small basket press, a barrel, and a resin tank. There is no pump or destemming machine. Therefore, although it is physically tiring work, you can proceed with the work while observing the condition of the grapes in detail.



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