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"From soil to grapes; from grapes to wine..." The story In 1921, almost 100 years ago, the Fonjallaz family moved to the village of Gy to cultivate the land. Gérald and Marion resumed the adventure in 1987 and then transformed this sweet juice into precious wines; thus continuing the winegrowing tradition they had inherited. It was then that the Domaine du Chambet was born, bearing the name of the stream that runs along its vines. Cultivated organically, its terroir is suitable for a wide variety of grape varieties, all grown, vinified and bottled in the cellar. Today, Anthony and Benoit have taken up the torch and the team has been completed by Justine, Thierry and Gabrielle, with the aim of preserving these lands and perpetuating this know-how. In the vineyard, in the orchard and in its crops In order to best respect the biodiversity, harmony and sustainability of the ecosystems, the entire estate is certified Swiss organic. The care of our crops, the harvest and the picking are done by hand by our team of seasonal workers. In the cellar The entire estate produces many cuvées all vinified with indigenous yeasts and with the minimum possible inputs in order to offer precise, distinctive and obviously pleasant wines. These are divided into two ranges. "Les cuvées Domaine" which bring together the traditional wines that make up the history of the estate as well as "Les Cuvées Libres" composed of more original cuvées, vinified natural and without inputs.



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