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Pico latest posts, by users:

Pico 2015

Nice rich yet fresh and clean finish. Lingering aftertaste

krikke @krikke

Pico 2013

Alzo le mani e mi tolgo il cappello....grazie Angiolino!

bamibro @bamibro

Pico 2013

Monday wine bar : Vin et Saké Nature

vsn @vsn

Pico 13

Fermentation spontanée Terres volcaniques Pas d’ajout de sulfite et non filtré IT Épices, agrumes, fruits Vin orange

jessyjame @jessyjame

Pico 2016

Nez : complexe, herbes sauvages, fleurs blanches, agrumes, pamplemousse, épices Bouche : belle fraicheur, épices, harmonieux

lolabtlc @lolabtlc

Pico 2016

Tout simplement incroyable

echenet @echenet

Pico 2016

Fresco e buonooo

LidiaMene @LidiaMene

Pico 2016

Brownish color and slowly opening nose. Lots of citrus, grapefruit and also some matured fig. Complex wine with 0 sulpfur. Easy drinking and worth the pricem

lippaimihaly @lippaimihaly

Pico 2016

Top top top 🧡

madeinalys @madeinalys

Pico 16

Gran vino!!! da ribere...

lavaligiadibacco @lavaligiadibacco

Pico 2015

Superb in all the ways. Round fruit, textured and just weighty enough for Mediterranean seafood dishes.

runswithcorkscrew @runswithcorkscrew

Pico 2017

Intense,ripe nose, apple juice, honey, raisin, white plum Intense and rounded palate, good balance,, dry tannins, medium acidity and fruity aftertaste

punkit @punkit

Pico 2017

Fantastic mineral white wine with strong character. Beer yeast in the nose and pear, orange and passion fruit in the mouth. Fantastic.

dummknopf @dummknopf

Pico 18

A blue train full of audacity, decision, prowess and ... PICO 2018 Garganega The Biancara Angiolino Maule ——————————————— Produced on volcanic soils in Gambellara (VI), Pico is an honest wine, not pretentious, but of extraordinary quality. A wine that tastes of ripe fruit, bitter almonds, green olives in brine, which envelops you with spicy, honeyed and malty tones. Persistent and tasty with notes of smoke in the making ... DELICIOUS From saxophonist to pizza maker to winemaker, Angiolino is today one of the main pioneers of natural wine. A protagonist who tends to nourish rather than distribute, to take away rather than accumulate. A brave who was not afraid to act, even alone, isolated and despised. He was not afraid not to treat his vineyards, when all the others did, he was not afraid of making a mistake in a vinification, risking to endanger his own financial situation. He was not afraid to oppose the rules and regulations, he was not afraid of being exiled from the center of commercial, corrupt and financial power. But he has also imposed himself for the benefit of experimentation and self-confidence, with a courage often ignored. Like him many others then followed and follow the traced path giving us healthy, clean and non-standardized wines. And not at all approved was also JOHN COLTRANE in "Blue Train"

sandropoletti @sandropoletti

Pico 2018

Très belle macération !! Profond et élégant.

Ombralonga @Ombralonga

Pico 2018

Vif, clair, droit, printanier

selmasalem @selmasalem

Pico 2013

Sublime ! Jamais écœurant, finesse exemplaire.

moumourt @moumourt


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