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Igavi Wines is based in Imereti in Western Georgia and is focused on producing wine from indigenous grapes from special sites throughout the region. The home vineyard is located in a tiny village called Zeindari in the Vani municipality. It is 65 years old and is planted to mostly Tsolikouri with a couple of vines of both Tsitska and Vanis Chkhaveri interplanted. The soil is a combination of clay and limestone with some sandstone and quartz. It is farmed organically (not certified) and everything is done by hand including weeding. It is sprayed with compost tea, sulphur and soda but the spray program is very low as the vineyard site has a constant wind that runs through it as it sits in a valley between two distant mountain ranges. In the cellar fastidious cleanliness is the mantra to make pristine and focused wines without the use of any additions whatsoever. All the wines are fermented with indigenous yeasts, there is never any filtering or fining and sulphites are not added at any stage of vilification including bottling. The vision for Igavi Wines is to produce wines that are thrilling and transparent that highlight the special soils in Western Georgia and for the resulting wines to be gastronomic and age worthy, picked on acid for line and length.



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