Our Team

Discover the men and women who make Raisin happen, who are there to ensure our data is as pertinent as possible in each country, both for the winemakers and places we reference.

Jean-Hugues Bretin

He didn’t drink wine. In 2010, a friend came to dinner with a bottle of P’tit Blanc du Tue-boeuf by Thierry Puzelat: a revelation! Since then, he reads, lives, drinks, and thinks natural wine. On the internet since 1999, Jean-Hugues created sites as an HTML developer before becoming a search engine optimizer. Raisin is as much a professional project as an effort to defend a certain worldview. Bring on the change!

Nathalie Alves

She was responsible for the launch of On Boit Quoi Ce Soir ? She was also present for the creation of Raisin. No one really knows what we would have done, nor even if these projects could have existed, without her. Consultant, advisor, and editor, her hats and skills are many; and that’s exactly what a young app needs.

Cédric Blatrie

Cedric doesn’t come from the world of wine but wine has been his passion for over ten years. Paradoxically, it was his sommelier training which triggered his interest in natural wines. He discovered that the teaching was far from adapted: one learns about chemistry, pesticides, etc. So he went in search of “clean" winemakers to train him, then decided to create a wine club in Lausanne. Ever since, he has been visitng wine celllars, restaurants and natural winemakers, both close to home and further afield, for his own pleasure but also to share his discoveries. It became obvious to him that he should help Raisin, to help as many people as possible to enjoy natural wines.

Nicolas Demarty

When he was a photographer and a director of studies, he was always asked to taste the wines in restaurants. A few years ago, a neighbour gave him a bottle of Dard et Ribo wine: a revelation which led him to investigate the natural wine scene. Since then, his œnological alter ego Nico Wine has been sharing his discoveries on Raisin and on social networks. His creed? He won’t stop until he’s tasted them all! Armed with this experience, Nicolas created Maison Wino in 2017 in order to promote the craftwork of natural winemakers by bringing them to the general public and to corporate contexts.

Christophe Fustinoni

Born between Mondeuse and Syrah, it’s finally in a cellar in Provence that it all started, before a “supernatural" encounter with bottles of Podere Pradarolo in 2010 that totally changed his approach. Since then, between France and Italy, he searches for new bottles and living produce, epicurean addresses and good times with anyone willing to share a glass of natural wine.

But Raisin is also and most importantly you, our users. Your messages received daily, sharing your enthusiasm or keeping us in tune with the latest openings, modifications or closures world-wide are essential to make this app great! So keep writing to place@raisin.digital whenever you think necessary, that’s how we stay up-to-date!

If you want to join the team, write to us explaining what you can bring to the project  contact@raisin.digital