Lumière de Silex

Les Vignes de l'Angevin - Jean-Pierre Robinot

Chenin Blanc - Vallée de la Loire - Vin de France

Lumière de Silex - Les Vignes de l'Angevin - Jean-Pierre Robinot
atsoules @atsoules - 25 Aug. 2021
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6 years in old barrels, 8 in the bottle. Surprisingly clear wine, with a strong deep yellow color that immediately shows the wine's character and power. It needs some minutes to open up (served at 12°c). Nose of vanilla and caramel and pastry cream. Orange and lemon zest, magnolia flowers and a whole universe of other things that create an infinite connection to my memory. It comes close to my idea of deliciousness. It's so strong and powerful that I recommend it as a meditation wine more than for food pairing. In the mouth it's sour and wonderful, it's complexity is unbelievable. Persistence almost eternal. (I did another tasting after 14/15 hours from the bottle opening, the wine was now a bit cooler and again it seemed to me that this wine absolutely doesn't care about time: it was still powerful and a bit more complex and "smoky".) Surprising and deeply connected with emotions, as (for me) every wine by Robinot. Really touching. Wonderful wonderful wine.

Opened in 2021. Hard to believe this natural wine is 15 yo! So smooth with a kot of character. Apples, honey, herbs, minerals, apricot. Pure gold.

The best Chenin I know

Grand besoin d'ouverture mais après grand vin longueur puissance salinite

Gold! Ripe apple, aprivot, touch of vanilla. 16 yo and the acidity on the spot.

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