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With Raisin, you can easily find places nearby that stock or serve natural wines. The maps are maintained regularly by the Raisin team. .

How do we choose the places that we recommend? It’s simple: every place that we recommend must stock at least 30% of natural wines. Reviews are made by our team based upon visits, wine lists, etc.

700 registered places and counting! We’ve gathered information about restaurants, wine shops and bars in France and soon worlwide. Raisin offers the most comprehensive natural wine database you can find today.


Tastings, conferences, events, visits to producers, books, articles and everything you need to know to stay up to date on what’s happening in the natural wine world.

Natural wine is not just about the wine itself – it’s also about the people. Our news section will feature guest posts by people who support the natural wine movement.

Watch this space for news on wine tastings, visits, interviews, and events by Raisin!

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la dive bouteilles


We are a micro-team who aim to make natural wine easy for everybody!

Jean-Hugues Bretin

Jean-Hugues Bretin


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Olivia Mann

PR – France & Spain

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Nathalie Alves


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Andrew Krell

N.Y.C Representative

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Charlie Simpson

Australia Representative

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Charlie Prymaka

U.K Representative

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Clément Thomassin

South Korea Representative

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Tom Vandevenne

Belgium Representative