Nat Diego

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juin 27, 2020 Jour entier

Nat Diego

Nat Diego



The 3rd annual Nat Diego is a weekend festival packed with winemakers, importers and advocates of Natural wine. 

What is natural wine, you say? Why it’s wine made by people who are breaking the status-quo of industrialized winemaking and rediscovering a heritage in which farming and winemaking are intimately linked. Natural wine is made without additives or chemicals. It is made by hand and farmed responsibly. It is better for you.* It is wine that displays a sense of place and it is wine that tastes great! 

So, come taste the exciting world of natural wine and learn about what you drink with us.

June 27th at 6pm: Early Bird Welcome Hang
@ Nolita Hall  (TIX HERE)
June 28th at 11am & 1:30 pm: Producer Seminars
@ Vino Carta
June 28th at 7-10pm: Opening Party: Ladies Night
@ The Rose
June 29th from 12-4pm: Grand Tasting
@ Bread and Salt
June 29th 7-11pm Big Bottle Bash & Closing Party
@Vino Carta


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