Barbaresco Roccalini

Cascina Roccalini - Paolo Veglio

Nebbiolo - Piemonte - Barbaresco

Barbaresco Roccalini - Cascina Roccalini - Paolo Veglio
f23 @f23 - 01 Mar. 2018
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While quite young, we drank this Barbaresco side by side with Cascina Delle Rose’s Tre Stelle 2017. The Tre Stelle seemed to be a little more open, with secondary and slight hints of tertiary flavours coming up, but it still had quite the tannic bite. Regardless, the Roccalini soared with potential and had a longevity and depth that threw us all back. Perfect way to finish the other half of a tagliata (first half was Tre Stelle) and moving onto cheeses. God, I f*cking love Italy. Drank both in Osteria More e Macine in La Morra.

Una vigna importante per un piccolissimo Produttore…

Vif, tendu, explosion d'épice tout en gardant un grand côté sur le fruit ! Une tuerie mais pourrait se garder 10 ans en cave.

Cherchez en bien parce que c’est bon!

Intense, clean and beautifully balanced. The wine will develop and improve.

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