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Wine RVLT – Singapore

Pioneering Singaporean natural wine bar RVLT (short for “Revolution”) was founded in September 2016 by two passionate native sommeliers: Alvin Gho and Ian Lim. (Alvin has even represented Singapore in the ‘Best Sommelier of the World’ competition as well as winning ‘South-East Asia Best Sommelier’ in 2017).

RVLT considers itself more than just natural, minimal intervention, organic or biodynamic. What makes it onto RVLT’s iconic wine wall are winemakers that share the philosophy of ecological sustainability. Winegrowers who treat wines with humility and honesty.

Head Chef Sunny Leong’s culinary approach follows the same principals, with ingredients that are both sustainable and high quality. They are used to create elevated dishes that make perfect partners to the delicious wines that RVLT advocates. Sunny Leong combines native flavours and ingredients unique to Asia’s diverse cuisines with modern twists and techniques.

Over the years, RVLT has gained a cult following as an unassuming watering hole for local revellers seeking to step into the wide world of wine without pretentiousness. Many young drinkers discover natural wine while travelling and seek to find it back home in Singapore. RVLT is more than happy to help them continue their wine journey.

In fact, in an ongoing effort to help spread natural wine throughout South-East Asia they will also be opening a new bar in Taipei, Taiwan in February 2023!

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