Welcome to SALTA!

At Lisbon’s latest Raisin spot, explore a unique fusion cuisine of Asian meets Central American flavors… let’s go to SALTA!

SALTA was dreamed up by four friends, chefs and lovers of gastronomy: Tomaz Reis, Mo Lisbona, Pedro Lopes and Rafael Almeida who built this place with endless creativity. The name SALTA is short for Saltapatrás, which refers to Asian and Native American culture and social groups coming together. SALTA is a place of diversity that joins people in a fun environment. The space is luxurious yet laid-back, with deliciously fresh cuisine that echoes that vibe. The natural wine list is also multi-cultural, with wines from Portugal, France, Austria, Italy, New Zealand, and Spain. It’s a whole new culinary experience in Lisboa, check it out!

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