Weinsalon-Naturel koln natural wine

Weinsalon Natürel – Köln – 2023

On the 18th and 19th of March in Köln, is the 7th edition of Germany’s biggest and first natural wine fair, Weinsalon Natürel!

The fair will showcase over 60 natural winemakers from all over Europe, and especially an exciting list of well known and new German winemakers. Every year Weinsalon also aims to highlight a country that isn’t well known for winemaking. This year it’s Bulgaria.

Founded in 2015, at a time where almost nobody in Germany knew about natural wine. Surk-ki Schrade, who founded the festival, wanted to change this and bring the movement to Germany and highlight the great german winemakers who were already working naturally.

Weinsalon Natürel allows both wine professionals and normal consumers to attend the fair. Surk-ki’s idea was that people would leave and begin asking wine shops and restaurants for natural wine, and like that, create a market for her drink of choice. And it worked!

In 2016-17 Weinsalon Natürel helped winemakers like Bianka and Daniel Schmitt, Brand Bros, Marto and Andi Mann open the door to the international wine world. Opening doors and making connections between like minded people is the goal of this fair.

Raisin has been invited to be in attendance and we’ll have a special table and some free giveaways for you. We can’t wait to spend time tasting the delicious wines and meeting people, so please stop by and say hello to us, or even better, share a glass.


Weinsalon-Naturel koln natural wine Weinsalon-Naturel koln natural wine

📸 Daniel Schreitmüller

Sabi - Carouge, Switzerland
Luca Ferrero - Ca' del Prete

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