Today we’re headed to Brittany with Braz Braz!

Meet Alan Corbel, the grandson of a Champagne winegrower who discovered natural wine during his years divided between the music scene, Olivier Lemasson’s vineyards, and natural wine bars. In 2020, Alan’s desire to create a traveling wine shop and to share his passions in the heart of Bigouden county (the end of the world) was born.

Turns out, 2020 was not the best year to start a traveling cellar without any fairs or tastings… so very quickly, Alan turned to plan B: A pop-up wine shop (that may or may not be transient, the future will tell)! The shop is in the unique location of an old postal sorting office that he’s renting in Lesconil. As for the name, Braz means big or grand in Breton. Due to Alan always hearing “Hi Braz! Thank you Braz! See you Braz!,” Braz Braz was the obvious choice for this local spot.

On the menu: lively wines, delicatessen goods, craft beers, and vinyl records – all right by the water. You will enjoy the wines of local friends Olivier Lemasson, La Grange aux Belles, Jeff Coutelou, Romain Zordan, Edouard Laffite, and more. If that doesn’t make you want to go for a glass at the souther tip of Finistère, we don’t know what will!

Benoît Kilian, Domaine de la Côtelette
Thinking about the winegrowers...

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