Terres à Vin

Behind this magnum duel is a real natural wine pioneer…

A trailblazer to say the least, Eric Demange opened the first location of Terres à Vin all the way back in 1997 in Strasbourg. A few years later and a few miles down the road, Eric opened the bar and shop’s second location in Ittenheim, in the Alsace countryside. For 25 years, Terres à Vin has offered an extensive selection of wines as natural as they come with 1,000 references at the Strasbourg spot and 2,000 in Ittenheim! The philosophy has always been about pure authenticity in all of the products they carry, from the wine down to the delicatessen.

They say:

“Above all else, for wine to be considered a success, it must reflect the talent of an accomplished winemaker and the particularity of the wine’s terroir. Therefore, natural vinification is the way to obtain a good, and especially a great wine.”

Pictured are Eric and Blondine battling it out with Mittelbergheim and Savigny- Les-Beaune magnums !

Le Cellier Nantes!
Corto in Clitheroe!

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