Spain is buzzing: H2O Vegetal and The Natural World of Wine

Spain is buzzing: H2O Vegetal and The Natural World of Wine

H2O Vegetal 2016:

H2O Vegetal, the wine fair with nothing added or taken away, has been taking place close to Tarragona. If you’re lucky you can still get there today, before 18:00. A great line up of course, with winemakers from throughout Europe and even from Japan and Mexico!

Map :
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The World of Natural Wine

In Barcelona on June 28th and 29th, there is a technical seminar for professionals only « The World of Natural Wine » organized by the associations « AVN » and « Vi Integral » and by the Catalan Institute of Natural History. The seminar is organized to exchange on the keys points which characterize the world of natural wines:
1- The earth and the winemaker / 2- The cellar and the winemaker / 3- Society and wine.
A vast programme where Spanish, French and Georgian producers will be present.

Many thanks to Clara Isamat who will be moderating the seminar for sharing all this information with Raisin.

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