Sous Les Cocotiers natural wine

Sous Les Cocotiers – the first 100% natural wine fair in La Reunion!

As the trees turn orange, the days get shorter, and the cold weather starts to sting your cheeks in the morning, you maybe looking for a reason to migrate to a warmer climate? Well, we might have found the perfect excuse for you.

December 3rd and 4th, Sous Les Cocotiers, the first 100% natural wine fair in La Reunion!

Pascal and Charly from the excellent natural wine shop Vinature974 wanted to put together an event to share their passion and connect their customers with the winemakers that they love. They originally hoped for 4 or 5 winemakers to fly over to the island, but their expectations were far exceeded and 17 different natural winemakers accepted their offer to come and share their wines.

Not only is this the first wine fair that exclusively promotes natural wines in La Reunion, but it is also the first wine fair with so many winemakers present at the same time.

The idea isn’t to reinvent the wheel, the event will offer a simple, sincere experience, without pretension. A way to allow natural wine lovers to gather together, meet, share experiences and of course taste a lot of delicious wines.

It all takes place in a magical setting at l’échappée belle guest house. If you’ve never been to La Reunion, now’s the time to visit this beautiful, tropical island, (about 11 hours by plane from Europe). If you already live in La Reunion, make sure you don’t miss out on this event.


Sous Les Cocotiers vin naturel

Sous Les Cocotiers vin naturel

Sous Les Cocotiers natural wine

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