Short Order Burger Co in Fremantle, Australia

Six years ago, Simon opened up a little burger shop in a shared warehouse that hosted different pop-up restaurants. Short Order was actually started as a passion project/side hustle at the time, looking to see if there was a market for fresh, American style burgers. Simon always loved a good burger, which was definitely lacking back then in Western Australia!

The next part of the vision was to open a bar, and that’s where Jackson joined the team! Simon’s food background and Jackson’s beer and wine background came together, and this dream team was formed. For the past 6 months, Short Order’s newest venue on William street has become a hub for natural wine, good beer, and the best burgers. “It’s been a fun ride,” says Jackson, “and I’m looking forward to building on it, hopefully educating consumers as we go. I want others to realize how great the natural wine scene is here!”

The name “Short Order” actually comes from an old school kitchen role – a type of cook who focuses on preparing different types of fast food in a quick paced environment. It’s a bit of a head nod to classic fast food/diner style hospitality, something Simon is really passionate about. So at Short Order, expect simple ingredients from quality and local producers. It’s the best kind of comfort food, made better with real wine!

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