Sauvage and Lokal Biel!

Introducing Lokal & Sauvage Biel, Switzerland’s latest sister restaurants on the Raisin map offering “unfiltered food & wine” -Sauvage.

Sauvage’s simple motto is synonymous with the natural wine spirit, and the result is a unique and fantastic concept. The cuisine at Sauvage is a fusion between Scandinavian and Japanese food, with ramen being the specialty. They curate their sustainable wine menu to harmoniously accompany their dishes in an environment that’s all about sharing.

Lokal’s environment is a balance between tradition and modern, their whole approach is inspired by the planet, and their tasting menu is creative, universal, yet refined. Just like its name, its focus is sourcing local! Lokal also launched a street food pop-up, Vagabund, that’s another must try.

Both Sauvage & Lokal are available for takeaway, we know you’ll enjoy Biel!

Satriale, an extraordinary shop in Lyon!

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