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Roditis Barrique by Ktima Ligas

Have you tried Roditis Barrique? Have you tried Greek natural wine? If you haven’t Ktima Ligas is a great place to begin and the Roditis Barrique will really convince you that you’ve been missing something.

It’s colour is a golden light yellow, that reminds you of a sunrise. On the nose you are hit with fresh mangos, vanilla, herbs, and a light scent of honey. It is already an exciting wine, even before tasting. But once it hits your palate you are rewarded with flavours of agrumes, pomegranate, blood orange, straw and yellow flowers that mix with a creamy mouth feel. It’s very well balanced, with long but not over powering acidity. It’s like a lemonade on a hot day, that keeps you wanting more.

Made with 28 year old Roditis vines, the grapes are destemmed, and then given skin contact for 7 days. The fermentation begins in inox, the juice is run off using gravity and placed in 400 litre Stockinger barrels, which have been lightly toasted. The wine stays on the lees for 6 months then is transferred again into inox for one to two months. If you’re interested in the technical aspects of wine, you’ll be able to feel the well rounded expression of the wine that is bought out by the barrels. If you aren’t interested, all we’ll say is that Ktima Ligas know what they are doing!

Ktima Ligas was started in the late 80’s by Thomas LIGAS after returning from studying in France. He always believed in the potential of the local greek varietals and the natural approach into winemaking and winegrowing. It’s a family business, and these days Meli Ligas is working with her father Thomas running the winery with the help of Giannis, Petros, Alex and Valandis. They currently have 9 hectares but are expanding to 15 with new vines that they are planting.

Meli explains that they have a fantastic climate and great resources in their lands that don’t need any extra treatments or intensive labor, so they can concentrate on quality and purity rather than mass production winemaking.

The Roditis Barrique is a wine that sings. If you only get the chance to try one Greek wine in your life, make sure it’s this one. Although, why stop at one? We’re sure you’ll be convinced that it’s time to start a journey of discovery into Greek wines!

Country: Greece
Region: Pella
Grapes: Roditis
Vintage: 2020
Music pairing: DMX – Up in Here

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