Rebula by JNK Winery

#sipthis : Rebula by JNK Winery

At the beginning of April, all over Europe, the sky opened, and out of nowhere, it snowed. Spring had arrived, but winter pushed back. Our hearts went out to the farmers affected by the frost. Many of our winemaker friends were hit badly. Climate change strikes again.

While trying to find a silver lining and remain positive, there was something very special about drinking JNK winery’s 2011 Rebula in April, in the snow. The cold outside paired perfectly with this Slovenian orange wine. This wine tastes of honey and apricots, with long acidity, and balanced minerality that swims over light tannins.

Kristina Mervič makes this wine with 100% Rebula grapes are macerated for 12 days and the wine is then aged for 24 months in used barrique barrels. This creates a wine with a beautiful amber colour that is round, and warm, while staying fresh and drinkable.

Country: Slovenia

Grapes: Rebula

Vintage: 2011

Music pairing – Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

Rebula by JNK Winery vin naturel

Rebula by JNK Winery natural wine

Rebula by JNK Winery natural wineMiles Davis

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