Raisin natural wine app sticker

The Raisin Storefront Sticker 2023!

We’re proud to present the RAISIN STOREFRONT STICKER for 2023!

This sticker guarantees that an establishment had a minimum of 30% natural wine when reviewed by our team. It’s also a sign of a good time, because where there’s natural wine, there’s good food, and great people. So be on the lookout for the sticker in your neighbourhood!

Why did we choose the color BLUE?

This year, after many requests, we will be introducing a FOLLOW button on the app. This button will allow you to follow your favourite establishments, winemakers, and friends and connect with other natural wine lovers around the world. And (you guessed it) the follow button will also be BLUE!

If you are already a Raisin Pro. yearly subscriber, we’ll be sending your sticker in January. If you are an establishment owner and would like to receive a storefront sticker, simply subscribe to Raisin Pro. to receive yours. Visit pro.raisin.digital for more information.

💡Purchasing a sticker means supporting an independent, autonomous organization that does not advertise, and does not sell or rent the data of its users. Cheers! 🍷

Natural Wine in Bucharest
Restaurant Basaal - The Hague

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