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Raisin now recommends 4,000 establishments around the world!!!

🥁4,000! What? 🤭 4,000!! Yup, you heard correctly, Raisin now recommends 4,000 establishments around the world where you can find natural wine.

Wine bars, restaurants, and shops who have made the great decision to offer natural wine! Our guarantee? Places that have at least 30% natural wine on their menu. Not to mention, these are spots where you will undoubtedly find seasonal, local, and often organic products. It’s good for you, and for the environment! 

With the Raisin app, drink well🍷 and eat well 🍽, wherever you are in the world 👍

Thanks to all of you for your huge support!

Making our way up in altitude, all the way to 600 meters above sea level in Penedès...
Arizona’s Natural Wine Oasis

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