As the natural wine movement grows, so does Raisin internationally…

The app began in French 🇫🇷🇺🇸English🇬🇧, then Japanese 🇯🇵…and now we are pleased to announce, Raisin is making its way to Italian 🇮🇹! With three passionate Italian team members (Christophe, Elena, Fulvio), 360+ natural winemakers, and 400+ establishments selling natural wine in Italy, the time was right to create the Raisin Italian Facebook page – check it out! More Italian to come, stay tuned 🍝🍷

Nyctalopie from Daniel Sage: Cedric’s wine of the week!
New Yorkers 🍎🍏 - mark your calendars for the 18th annual CSW - Louis/Dressner Selections tasting!!!

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