PURA SEDE lisbon lisboa natural wine vin naturel

PURA SEDE 2023 – Lisboa

PURA SEDE is Portugal’s first dedicated natural wine fair, and it’s now in its third year. Led by a star-studded list of wine growers, a vibrant community of buyers, restaurateurs, and wine enthusiasts will make their way to Lisbon for the event.

Founded by Clara Higham-Stoianova (Sips Berlin) and Florian Tonello (Ladidadi Wines Lisbon) in 2020, PURA SEDE has quickly gained a reputation for showcasing Europe’s most revered cult natural wine producers and some of the rising talents in the scene.

For its third edition, iconic producers such as Patrick Bouju, Gabrio Bini, Partida Creus, Raphael Monnier Ratapoil, Cantina Furlani, and La Perdida will gather at Pura Sede’s new location in the heart of Lisbon, Carpintarias de São Lázaro. Overlooking the sea, the winemakers will pour their wines and exchange their philosophies with international guests, professionals, and fellow winemakers.

In English, PURA SEDE means ‘pure thirst’, and to founders Clara and Florian, it represents a thirst for purity. To the organizers, natural wine is simply wine with a minimal intervention approach and a deep respect for nature and fermentation. The fair combines the tasting of incredible wines with a number of satellite events from local restaurants, and put simply, a great party!

As more restaurants, bars, and distributors cater to the natural wine community in Lisbon, Pura Sede is able to bring new wines and fresh faces to this dynamic discussion. In 2023, the event will unite pioneering natural wine producers with a European collective in Portugal’s stunning capital.

PURA SEDE takes place the 25th and 26th of March in Lisbon, Portugal. Tickets are limited, and each previous year has been a sold-out, so it is advised to book ahead of time.

See you there!


PURA SEDE lisbon lisboa natural wine vin naturel PURA SEDE lisbon lisboa natural wine vin naturel PURA SEDE lisbon lisboa natural wine vin naturel

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